Our Story


It had always been our dream to someday set sail off into the sunset.  Then to simply carry on and sail around the world. Our work and other commitments were there but they were always going to be there. So we decided not to put off our dream any longer. 

Having looked at the options available and with wanting to explore far off places as well as the usual suspects of the Med/Caribbean plus a bit of potential racing, it was clear that Oyster was the way to go.  With the then upcoming 2017 Oyster World Rally, it made the decision even easier.  The Oyster 825 was the best of everything, a real home to take us around the world. 

enso Fiji 107.jpg


With the usual ups and downs that come with building a semi-custom boat from scratch, we were extremely happy with ENSO because of all the extra time and effort we put into the build process.  ENSO gave us real world blue water cruising potential so that we could explore the far off and most remote parts of the world. 

Safety, reliability, and being able to go long periods without having to provision but still eating well were top of the priority list (ENSO has an additional 300L freezer hidden under the saloon seat and a galley vegetable fridge).

ENSO’s interior makes it feel like you are living in a home, not a boat.  We also upgraded to things like shielded cables and improved water systems to make ENSO a healthier living environment.

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Boat Building 101

Buy a second hand boat.  Let someone else have all the headache of building a boat, with all the stress and all the time that that requires, UNLESS a). you have built a boat before AND b). you particularly enjoy building boats.

Boat Ownership 101

Be prepared to deal with a lot of warranty work in the first 6 to 9 to 12 months until the boat is truly run in and all the systems have been tweaked and trimmed so that they operate as intended.  As first time boat owners, we were simply not prepared for how much downtime this would take.  Instead of sailing and using the boat, a significant amount of time and energy was spent tied up to a dock getting the boat systems back online or systems working.  (A big thanks to all the Oyster Warranty staff and contractors for their time and efforts to get the jobs done as quickly as possible in often remote locations).  ALSO, it is important to note that in talking to other owners every brand of new boat has these teething issues and we weren’t an exception.

Once the crew was sorted, the adventure was on after ENSO was delivered in late 2016.  The journey began with first crossing the Atlantic, followed by joining the 2017 Oyster World Rally in Antigua. ENSO then cruised the Caribbean, and then onto our first highlight, Panama. 

Check out the map to see more in depth adventures:

The other highlight was getting to share these experiences with friends and family.  To see their smiles and get to share this once in a lifetime experience with them is beyond words.  So many times none of us will ever forget.



Why are we selling?


Having done the first half of a circumnavigation it's time to for us to hand over ENSO to someone new to carry on the adventure (as work calls after making ENSO our full-time home for nearly 15 months).  

From super-yacht regattas to beautiful islands and tropical sunsets, with friends and family, ENSO handled it all with ease and she can take you to all these places and more.

Isn’t that why we dream of sailing?  As a remedy for the maladies of today.  Some old romantic notion for simpler times.  Covering the ground at 12 knots not 500 knots allows you to appreciate things (and sometimes those things that you appreciate are traveling at 500 knots!!! – oh the irony).


A big thanks to the crew for tackling the many maintenance, warranty work and teething issues for the first 9-12 months that all new boats go through.  The boat is now perfectly run in and operating on all cylinders. 

It is such a cliché to say don’t put off doing the things you dream of, BUT DON’T.  You get one life.  We will be able to look back in 20 years and reflect on the fact that we had the experience of a lifetime.  There are always reasons not to go, not to buy a boat, to be more practical about life, but what is more practical than living life well?  And work was still here when we got back!!!

We didn’t put our dream off until the time was just right, because the time is never just right.  Our advice, whatever your dream is, life is short…just do it.  We don’t regret it and nor will you.  

Sunsets and Skies

We saw some incredible sunsets and skies while sailing.  Here are a few of our favourite pictures.